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to surpass your expectations for an Elite exquisite experience offering only the Highest Level of Skincare in the industry. Specializing in Dermal Remodelling for ALL types of skin.

‘Our Difference’ is dedicating our unique knowledge extending the boundaries previously used in this field. We are committed to inspiring you with immediate and superior results which are unavailable elsewhere. Our elite customized treatments at laser skincare clinic Toronto offers customized treatments with Exclusive Medical Technologies and Holistic Therapies targets any areas from the ‘root cause’ for any skin conditions.

As the creator of NEW Laser Eyebrow Design technique, we welcome you to enjoy relaxing pampered treatments, without downtime.

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Get Fast Results For Life! Unbeatable Price Guarantee with Immediate Results!
Acne Pits 100% Results! . Active Acne . Severe Acne Scars . Surgical Scars . Non Surgical Face Lift . Post Operative Wound Healing . Holistic Microderm . Detox Facials . Holistic Ear Candling . Ear Piercing . Skin Tightening . Dark Eye Circles . Skin Rejuvenation . Clinical Peels . Filler Lip Injections . Teeth Whitening . Full Body Laser . Permanent Hair Removal . Stretch Mark Removal . Cellulite . Fat Reduction . Lymphatic Drainage . Non Surgical Lipo . Body Contouring . Vaginal Rejuvenation & Pigmentation . Skin Tags . Warts . Moles . Angioma Granuloma . Pigmentation . Age Spots . Sun Damaged Skin . Port Wine Birthmarks . Vascular . Rosacea Broken Capillaries . Leg Veins . Tattoo Removal . Botox . Dysport . Restylane .Teosyal . Juvederm

Free Full Face Laser

Purchase a Natural Holistic Microderm Treatment for Only $199! (Includes: Full Face, Neck & Eye Area)
& Receive ALL LASER SERVICES BELOW - FREE! (Value $1,400.)

NEW Laser Eyebrow Design . Permanent Laser Hair Removal for Full Face (Fine Blonde & Coarse Dark Hair)
Skin Rejuvenation . Photo Facial . Anti Aging . Wrinkles Collagen . Acne Scars . Scar Removal . Pore Reduction
Pigmentation . Sun Damage . Dark Spots . Broken Capillaries . Vascular . Rosacea 

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Renee S.

Throughout my life I have struggled with skin complications. Acne, scars and pigmentation have cost me a fortune whether I’ve had to pay for makeup to cover my imperfections or pay for costly treatments ending up with disappointment due to lack of results. Majority of locations in the GTA do not accommodate my skin complexion because their lasers do not work for pigmentation on the darker skin types (including the eye areas) which lead me to feel that there was no hope in having flawless skin. Having to layer makeup at all times only made my skin and confidence take a tremendous downfall. But then a co-worker referred me to Brigitte Biller, although everyone knows her in the industry because of her life changing work I still had doubt from previous experiences. I decided to go for a consultation with Brigitte at her luxurious laser skincare clinic in Toronto,  I was welcomed with a complimentary seasons color analysis, beverages and even hors d’oeuvres. She created a custom treatment program to accommodate my concerns and future goals. Brigitte takes great pride in her work, treats her customers like family, and obtains the results you desire for a fraction of any competitor’s price. I have searched my whole life for a specialist like Brigitte Biller, and after suffering for over 10 years, I can now say that my skin is flawless, makeup free, and glowing every day after only 3 treatments. Brigitte is truly God sent, I have referred everyone I know and even have her flyers at my Law office.

Toronto Laser Hair Removal Clinic
Toronto laser hair removal clinic offers a safe and effective way to rid your body of unwanted hair.  We use only the most superior and unbeatable state of the art medical technology which is 7 times more effective than other brands. Highly effective for all colors of hair, fine blonde and coarse dark hair, targeting bulge and bulb to destroy the hair follicle and not just provide a temporary reduction.

Acne Therapy & Holistic Skincare
Treat yourself to our customized Elite treatments provided by our Certified Holistic Therapists of Natural Pharmacology specializing in treating tough skin problems such as severe acne scars and active acne from the ‘inside - out’.
Specializing in post-surgical wounds and bruises healed in just 3 days!

Scar Removal Toronto
Achieve amazing immediate results for acne pits in just 1 holistic treatment! (no laser or fillers). Holistic microdermabrasion for eye area, full face including decollate. Dermal remodeling, scar revision, stretch mark removal, uneven pigmentation and dark eye circles are among one of the many treatments available.

The 1st and Only Medical Technology (Pulsed Dye Laser) capable of creating brand new collagen cells without destroying pre-existing collagen. Scar removal Toronto-No downtime, painless and faster results for ALL skin types. Anti-aging, eyelid lift, acne correctives (prevents future acne), pore reduction, severe scars, rosacea, vascular, hyper pigmentation, skin tightening, and dermal remodeling creates a flawless complexion for a younger looking you.