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Elite Cosmetic Institute is centre for Micropigmentation Training, Scalp Micropigmentation courses, Permanent Makeup Classes, Microblading Training, Permanent Eyebrows school, Eyebrow Microblading, Laser Hair Removal, Stretch Mark Removal, Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, Lip Injections by Celebrity Designer Brigitte Biller providing services to Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, New York, Canada, USA and worldwide.

Elite Cosmetic Institute Welcomes You
to surpass your expectations & experience the Highest Level of Beauty in the Industry.  With over 35 years experience we take pride in providing Luxurious, Pampered & Personalized Services in a quiet & relaxed atmosphere worldwide. 

Hollywood Celebrity Stylist & Image Designer
Brigitte Biller as seen in IMD films, City TV & Grammy Award Events Styling Celebrities is a world known educator assisting Spas & Medical Clinics in industry knowledge including upgrading presentation & etiquette skills to achieve success in all aspects of Beauty.

Her experiences include teaching her program for the Ministry of Education (Job Connect Program). As a Color Specialist, Tricologist, Certified Paramedical & Advanced Micro Pigmentation Instructor,  Medical Aesthetician,  Holistic Skincare Therapist, Medical Technology Instructor, Therapist of Natural Pharmacology trained by Plastic Surgeons, Opthalmologist & Dermatologists, she introduces you to a ‘Beautiful Journey’ inspiring you with a complimentary Season‘s Wardrobe Color & Skin analysis upon your arrival.

Brigitte Biller known as the creator of   Laser Eyebrow Design & Eyelash Enhancement Technique welcomes you to become a true professional with her innovative concept of education. Her Worldwide known Paramedical & Advanced Micropigmentation Training cirriculums surpasses those previously used in the industry offering only the Highest Standards with knowledge of various techniques, products, tools & technologies used in the industry to provide students the expertise for an edge in the competitive world. View > Permanent Cosmetic > Training

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