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Elite Cosmetic Institute Welcomes You
to surpass your expectations & experience the Highest Level of Beauty in the Industry.  With over 35 years experience we take pride in providing Luxurious, Pampered & Personalized Services in a quiet & relaxed atmosphere.

Hollywood Celebrity Stylist & Image Designer
Brigitte Biller as seen in IMD films, City TV & Grammy Award Events Styling Celebrities is a world known educator assisting Spas & Medical Clinics in industry knowledge including upgrading presentation & etiquette skills to achieve success in all aspects of Beauty.

Her experiences include teaching her program for the Ministry of Education (Job Connect Program). As a Color Specialist, Tricologist, Certified Paramedical & Advanced Micro Pigmentation Instructor,  Medical Aesthetician,  Holistic Skincare Therapist, Medical Technology Instructor, Therapist of Natural Pharmacology trained by Plastic Surgeons, Opthalmologist & Dermatologists, she introduces you to a ‘Beautiful Journey’ inspiring you with a complimentary Season‘s Wardrobe Color & Skin analysis upon your arrival.

Brigitte Biller known as the creator of   Laser Eyebrow Design & Eyelash Enhancement Technique welcomes you to become a true professional with her innovative concept of education. Her Worldwide known Paramedical & Advanced Micropigmentation Training cirriculums surpasses those previously used in the industry offering only the Highest Standards with knowledge of various techniques, products, tools & technologies used in the industry to provide students the expertise for an edge in the competitive world. View > Permanent Cosmetic > Training

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